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      Thoughts Free Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

      Price: Free (Licensed under GPL)
      Documentation: Theme Docs
      Github Repo: Github Repo

      Thoughts is a simple responsive WordPress theme created for?writers. The theme doesn’t have any widgetized areas, no sidebar or footer…it’s literally intended for your to share your thoughts and media. Included are support for standard, gallery, image, video, quote, audio and link post formats so you can share different types of content, the theme is fluid/responsive so it will work well on mobile devices and of course it’s Free!

      This theme would be a good fit for photographers, food bloggers, film makers, youtubers, designers and more! The bold colors and over-sized design will really make your content “pop”. If you want to make a statement, Thoughts is the perfect theme for you.

      Thoughts WordPress Theme Features

      • 7 Post Formats: standard, gallery, audio, video, quote, link, image
      • Options added via the WordPress “customizer” for your logo, auto excerpts and copyright
      • Responsive design
      • Social options
      • Google fonts added properly via?wp_enqueue_script();
      • Symple Shortcodes Plugin?support
      • Free GPL theme!